SharePoint Saturday Rhode Island Recap

I was honored to be selected to present at this weekend’s (inaugural) SharePoint Saturday Rhode Island.  Organizers Jason Himmelstein, Chris McNulty, and Josh Cliff did yeoman’s work in making it happen, the sponsors stepped up to fund it, and the speakers turned out and delivered a phenomenal day’s worth of the best free SharePoint training.  Best of all, over 100 attendees came out, learned, and were active participants in the discussions.

Special thanks go out to the host venue, New Horizons Rhode Island, for graciously “lending” us their facility for this event, and to all of the new speakers (including my colleague John Mongell) who shared their stories, experiences, triumphs, and tribulations with us.

In the morning, I presented a session on SharePoint as a component of a more broadly integrated collaboration strategy (including voice, video, e-mail, etc.).  It was based on some ideas I hatched after reading Nancy Settle-Murphy’s excellent book:  “Managing Effective Virtual Teams.”  As promised, the slide deck is here:

I also promised to drop some basic templates for integrated communication/collaboration plans into my SkyDrive, and they can be found here, although they are much better when in the overall context of the book.

In the afternoon, I presented a closing session about how to go back to your boss, your project sponsor, your CFO, etc. and get funding for all the cool SharePoint projects you learned about at SharePoint Saturday.  The organizers told me to make it quick and fun, TED-talk style, and the energy was great in the room, so I hope it worked out. The deck is here:

and I think that this video captures the premise (not premises, more on that in a future post) of the discussion, even if it was a competitor to Microsoft who originally created it:

All in all, this was a great event with great flow of ideas from a great community.  Thanks to all who made it happen!

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