Have You Met…Microsoft Sway? (Part One)

If you haven’t yet met Microsoft Sway, Sway is:

  1. an application for building interactive presentations that are optimized for web and mobile clients
  2. a (relatively) new component of Office 365
  3. the progeny of a product from Microsoft Office Labs, called pptPlex (in the “back in the day” department)
  4. Microsoft’s answer to Prezi, a popular presentation software

sway 250 pxSway uses a “canvas” like Prezi, and makes it easy to create, consume, and share presentations across a variety of devices, including smart phones.

A Sway is comprised of multiple “cards” (containers that hold text, images, and videos) that combine to make a storyline.

Some use cases I’ve seen for Sway in a corporate environment include:

There are also some great non-work use cases, like the “foodie” series here.

I don’t have a two-minute video for you this week, but this is Part One, so I’ll point you to a Sway I created for an upcoming trip. ¬†Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next post (upon my return from Ireland), when I’ll dig into how it works, some of the initial limitations of the tool, and a bit more detail about how I created this Sway.

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