Monthly Archives: September 2016

Have You Met…Office Delve?


Collacrity’s latest two-minute “Have You Met…” video features Office Delve, a new way of managing content within Office 365 where content finds you based on relevance:

  • content you create (no matter where in Office 365 you store it)
  • content you interact with (e.g., view, like, comment on)
  • content that your colleagues interact with
  • content that you have permission to see (no permission, no view)

Delve also includes some personal productivity analytics (in preview) that harken back to the days of Xobni, an e-mail add-in that provided you with information about your e-mail activity.

An aspect of Delve that is difficult to demo, but interesting (and worth watching as the product matures), is that it uses Machine Learning to learn about your patterns and habits, and gets smarter about content relevancy as you use it more.

If you’ve got two minutes to learn something today, Delve in!