Collacrity 2016 Year End Wrap-Up

As the new year begins, I am fortunate enough to get some time to spend with loved ones, to reflect on the year just past, and to plan for the year ahead, free of the daily rush and bustle that comes with the normal rhythm of work.

2016 was a momentous year for Collacrity, and for me. I started Collacrity in May after leaving a terrific organization in RSM, because:

  • I wanted to be somewhere where my role was strategic to the company
  • I wanted to spend time interacting with clients and crafting solutions to their challenges
  • I wanted to have my hands on the keyboard, and keep investing in learning new technologies

I’ve been fortunate to have all of those experiences as an entrepreneur, and a lot of people have helped me along the way. As I reflect on the successes of 2016, I realize I owe a lot of thanks to many people:

  • My business partners at Timlin Enterprises, Lighthouse Computer Services, and Integration Partners. I am grateful for the care they take with their clients, and the trust they place in me to work with them.
  • The SharePoint community and its contributors. The people who spend their nights and weekends putting on events like SharePoint Saturday, travel on their own dime to events like SPTechCon to present, bring people together, and share their knowledge to “fertilize” the whole SharePoint ecosystem that’s made it possible for Collacrity to exist and thrive.
  • The advisor. Marc Anderson, a SharePoint MVP who is also an entrepreneur and independent consultant, who was generous with his time (and opinions!) in recounting how he started Sympraxis. The best case studies always start with “It’s too late for me – save yourself!”
  • The referrers. Colm Whelan and Dave Feldman, whom I knew from working together and the community, respectively, were confident enough in me to walk me into new opportunities. Their faith in me motivates me every day to live up to it.
  • It all starts at home. If my wife Maura didn’t work hard for our family, I wouldn’t have had the leeway to start Collacrity. If she didn’t enthusiastically encourage me, I wouldn’t have had the energy to build it. She continues to support our family every day, financially, operationally, and emotionally.

A hundred people have helped in a thousand small ways, from referrals to introductions, to expressions of support, to commiseration over a beer. 2016 was a year when a lot of people invested their time and confidence in me, and I look forward to paying dividends in 2017 and beyond. Thank you all!

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