Communicating Your Way to Success in SharePoint — March 2017 NHSPUG

I was fortunate to have co-presented at the Granite State SharePoint User Group (NHSPUG) last week with my colleague Dave Feldman, an MVP well-known for speaking on topics ranging from Office Graph to Microsoft Teams to PowerBI.  Dave is kind of a Microsoft polymath, and when the opportunity came to highlight some of the work we’ve done together recently, in preparation for his presenting on this topic at the Share Conference, and sing some (figurative) harmony with @bostonmusicdave, it was a no-brainer.

Some of our presentation (and a lot of our team’s success) is built on the fine work of Sue Hanley, who is without peer in the Information Architecture and Governance arenas, so if you recognize her “fist” here, you’ll know why.

Yes, I realize how lucky I am to work on a project team with several MVPs.  One of the attendees at this NHSPUG meeting asked a question about the future of development tools in SharePoint, and got two MVPs’ deep thoughts on the subject. This is precisely why I tell people to get to User Group meetings:  frequently, for the price of a beer, you’ll get access to some of the best expertise in the world on these topics.

It was almost as much fun co-authoring this deck as it was presenting it.  I hope you find it useful — it’s linked via the image below.

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