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Keeping up with Microsoft in the “Rapid Release” Era

Collacrity was formed to help clients optimize their use of Microsoft collaboration technologies. In a cloud-first world, the flow of innovation from Redmond has never been faster, and many organizations are having a hard time keeping up in Microsoft's "Rapid Release" era. The talented Barb Levisay recently wrote an article for Redmond Channel Partner magazine...
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Have You Met…Office Delve?


Collacrity’s latest two-minute “Have You Met…” video features Office Delve, a new way of managing content within Office 365 where content finds you based on relevance:

  • content you create (no matter where in Office 365 you store it)
  • content you interact with (e.g., view, like, comment on)
  • content that your colleagues interact with
  • content that you have permission to see (no permission, no view)

Delve also includes some personal productivity analytics (in preview) that harken back to the days of Xobni, an e-mail add-in that provided you with information about your e-mail activity.

An aspect of Delve that is difficult to demo, but interesting (and worth watching as the product matures), is that it uses Machine Learning to learn about your patterns and habits, and gets smarter about content relevancy as you use it more.

If you’ve got two minutes to learn something today, Delve in!


Have You Met…Microsoft Sway? (Part One)

If you haven't yet met Microsoft Sway, Sway is:
  1. an application for building interactive presentations that are optimized for web and mobile clients
  2. a (relatively) new component of Office 365
  3. the progeny of a product from Microsoft Office Labs, called pptPlex (in the "back in the day" department)
  4. Microsoft's answer to Prezi, a popular...
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Have You Met…Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream, a new enterprise video-sharing service, was released to public preview last month, and we’ve been working with it since.  Here’s a two-minute introduction to get you started, including:

  • what Stream is and doesMicrosoft Stream
  • the product roadmap for Stream
  • how Stream fits into Office 365, alongside the existing Office 365 Video Portal
  • some excellent resources to give product feedback and learn more

As always, get in touch if you’d like to learn more, see a demo, or work on your plans for incorporating video into your productivity solutions!

…For the Enterprise

The "Consumerization of IT" has created new demand for user experiences, and Microsoft has excelled at the "Enterprization" of consumer applications by adapting the capabilities and even some of the visual style of leading consumer applications to be enterprise-friendly (i.e., managed and controlled in ways that adhere to corporate standards for security, privacy, and reliability). In...
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