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Have You Met…Modern SharePoint Lists?

Microsoft recently announced the (limited) release of the new lists in SharePoint Online, as part of Office 365.  For those of you who use lists extensively, I think you’ll find some significant changes and improvements here, and Microsoft has opened the door to the use of “PowerApps” (still in preview, video on this coming soon) and Microsoft Flow, for creation of SharePoint-aware mobile apps by “citizen developers,” ie, people like me who don’t have coding chops but who understand the application, can configure, drag drop, etc.

Have a look, and don’t hesitate to contact Collacrity if we can shed more light on the subject.

When Your IT Project Is Doomed to Fail

There is an old saying in golf that every golf bet is won or lost on the first tee.  For those of you who are non-golfers, non-bettors, or both, the first tee is where golfers' handicaps are discussed/negotiated and where they establish the number of strokes the better players will "give" the other players to...
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