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Have You Met…Modern Document Libraries in SharePoint?

Please enjoy the first in a series of “Have You Met…?” videos, designed to give you a quick, two-minute introduction to a new capability or piece of technology that is relevant to information workers.

This first one is focused on the recently released (to First Wave adopters — ask your Office 365 Administrator if you don’t know if this means you) “Modern Document Library Experience” in SharePoint.  We provide a brief overview of some of the changes, and some new capabilities, of modern document libraries.

We’re very interested in your feedback, topics you’d like an introduction to, or other ideas for content.  Please contact Collacrity with your feedback!


When Your IT Project Is Doomed to Fail

There is an old saying in golf that every golf bet is won or lost on the first tee.  For those of you who are non-golfers, non-bettors, or both, the first tee is where golfers' handicaps are discussed/negotiated and where they establish the number of strokes the better players will "give" the other players to...
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