A few blurbs from people who have worked with Collacrity in the past, in their own words:

“Truly the rare breed who can architect a technical solution and in real time incorporate the technology into a cohesive and compelling presentation…”

“I valued his strategic advice and his ability to help us to deliver value…”

“…high integrity, great wit, and deliberate purpose. To many, it seems he pours his heart and soul into the projects he pursues and I believe that serves as a strong foundation for much of his success…”

“In consulting, many folks have mastered the technology. Or sales and marketing. Or business requirements. Or operations. Mike has the unique perspective and background to move fluidly among all these disciplines while merging external vision with internal insight. In consulting, there is no better goal than ‘trusted advisor.’ Mike has accomplished this repeatedly.”

From partners and clients who have seen the business value Collacrity LLC brings:

“Mike has been great to work with on several projects.  He approaches problems pragmatically and with a business mindset not always found in consultants focusing on technology solutions.  Mike is very knowledgeable, patient, and worked at the speed of our organization and that of our clients, adapting well to various circumstances that would have derailed an average consultant.  I would not hesitate to work with Mike again in a heartbeat.”