Give Collacrity Two…

Two minutes:  for an introduction to a new collaboration technology.can-do-for-you
In Collacrity’s “Have You Met…” series of two-minute on-line video overviews, you’ll get a “business-eye view” of the latest collaboration technologies from Microsoft and other vendors. We’ll post them periodically, and you’ll have them available as a reference point anytime, anyplace.

Two hours:  for a strategy briefing to discuss your current and desired future state of your collaboration.
Whether you have a specific initiative in mind and are trying to assess timing, cost, and resources needed, or you need help in charting a path forward, your tailored strategy briefing with Collacrity will help show you what’s possible given the technology and what’s realistic given your time, cost, and availability constraints.

Two days:  for an architectural design session and collaboration roadmap.
Using standardized deployment planning tools combined with hard-earned practical experience, we’ll help you identify, prioritize, and plan your solution deployment to maximize business impact, and we’ll provide you with a roadmap with steps in the process, key prerequisites, and a high-level solution architecture for your solution.

Two weeks:  for a “proof of concept” solution built and deployed in your environment.
In two weeks’ time, you can have a “proof of concept” solution that your users can see and touch. It can be used to simply demonstrate the technical feasibility of a solution, or it can serve as a starting point for training users in the effective use of new tools and new ways of working.

Two months:  for a production solution built and deployed for you.
In two months’ time, you can have a solution built and deployed into a production environment. All businesses are different, and not every solution is a two-month solution, but we work with you to find a solution that can be deployed in this timeframe, and use it as a starting point to get new technologies deployed, users trained, people thinking about working differently, etc.

Our offerings and our relationships do not end there.  Over two years’ time, Collacrity can be your “consiglieri” or “collaboration therapist” resource, providing you with structured periodic assessments of how solutions are being adopted and used, and ways that new technologies can be brought to bear on your specific (and constantly evolving) challenges. The technology isn’t enough! Count on Collacrity to help you optimize your technology investment, tuning business processes, measuring tangible business results, and coaching and training users to make your collaboration solutions work in practice.

Give us two!