Collaboration Coaching for Office 365

Most times, when collaboration isn’t working, theOffice 365 problem isn’t technology, it’s that the users of the technology aren’t equipped to effectively use it. For example, Microsoft’s Office 365, with its wide variety of collaboration tools, can be both a cure for, and cause of, collaboration challenges. With so many options for sharing and managing content and expertise, users frequently seek a roadmap on the best tools and processes tailored to fit their business case and their work style.

There is no “one size fits all” for collaboration.

Collacrity offers collaboration coaching in the following ways:

  • Information Architecture review for existing or prospective implementation of Microsoft tools
  • Solution Architecture – sussing out requirements and documenting core processes, content, and systems with business users
  • Collaboration technology adoption planning
  • End-User training (classroom, or on-line)
  • Collaboration Checkups — periodic check-ins with business leaders to assess and coach on building a more collaborative and agile workplace

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